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内容摘要: Cash dividends in the domestic stock market have exceeded 4 trillion yuan in the past five years, and dividend funds have also received mar...

Cash dividends in the domestic stock market have exceeded 4 trillion yuan in the past five years, and dividend funds have also received market attention.

Since the beginning of this year, the market style conversion has caused the rating fund to continue to fold. The bond default risk triggered various phenomena such as the collapse of the debt base , which has caused some investors to “change”. In contrast, the dividend fund is quite low-key.

It is understood that the current domestic market mainly has five dividend indexes, namely, the SSE Dividend Index, the Shenzhen Stock Dividend Index, the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Dividend Index, the China Securities Dividend Index and the S\u0026P A Share Dividend Index. In the market, there are currently only index funds that track the dividends index and 60 funds with "dividends" in their names.

Dividends have a long-term value of holding funds

In recent years, value investment is becoming the main theme of the market, and regulatory authorities are also actively guiding the cash dividends of listed companies. The data shows that the cash dividends in the domestic stock market have surpassed 4 trillion yuan in the past five years, and dividend funds have also received attention from the market.

Statistics show that dividend funds are primarily investment funds in dividend stocks (high dividend yield stocks), usually in the investment strategy, investment philosophy has clearly stated that if indicate a low dividends or dividend shares will be excluded from the stock pool of outer.

The data shows that there are 5 funds that passively track the dividend index index type . They are the China Fortune S\u0026P China A Share Dividend Opportunity Index, the Dacheng China Securities Dividend Index, the Fuguo Zhongzhong Dividend, the Wanjia Zhongzheng Dividend Index, and the ICBC. Shenzhen Stock Connect. Among them, the rich Chinese government bonus dividend index is the highest in the five bonus index funds, and the best performance.

Market style switching this year, due to the heavy fund Baicang blue chip major stocks, the first quarter performance inevitably showed a slight decline, the average yield was -4.14%, but still outperformed the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 -5.46% earnings over the same period . It is worth noting that the five funds that passively tracked the dividend index have maintained positive returns since its establishment, with an average yield of 82.88%.

A public offering related person told reporters that since the A-share style has shown a turbulent trend this year, the performance of funds that passively follow the dividend index has also fluctuate. The dividend stock itself has high growth, so the dividend index fund is worth holding for a long time.

Active bonus fund more than half loss

In addition to the above 5 index tracking bonus funds, according to statistics, there are 60 names with "dividend" funds (share separately calculated), are active stock selection type product. Compared to the stable profitability and dividend benefits of index-based dividend funds, active bonus funds perform more divisively and suffer losses.

existing data show that as of May 18, this year there are 35 active-type "dividend" funds at a loss, the loss rate of more than half. The preferred unit value of China Merchants’ dividend rose by 12.73%, ranking first in the active “dividend” fund, while the net value of the Hua’an bonus selection unit dropped by 12.35%, ranking the bottom.

is worth noting that, in the fund with a "bonus" name, the reporter also found some "mixed dividend change" and "reform dividend", such as easy to square up the reform dividends, bonuses and other changes in sea mixed.

According to industry analysts, although some funds have the word “dividend” in their names, they are the subject of reform rather than the dividend fund. They choose the investment target in the direction of the SOE reform.

independent financial commentator Guo Shi Liang analysis, said to reporters, in fact, it depends on the corresponding Dividend Index Fund Fund Index, the level of dividend yield, stock liquidity and the corresponding size of the fund type, such as LOF,ETF, index, etc., will affect the impact of dividend the fund's performance. However, compared with the ordinary index, the dividend index is more focused on value investing. The dividend yield advantage has a certain advantage and can increase the security threshold of the stock investment. The long-term investment of is a good investment method, and it does not recommend short-term speculative operations. .

Why is there a fund selection bonus strategy? General Manager Han Feng of Hengfeng Taishi said in an interview with reporters that the dividend index fund is essentially a stock selection strategy that values ??the dividend distribution of listed companies. This strategy will show a cycle of performance as market hotspots are transformed. Sex fluctuations. Although some fund names carry the word “dividend”, style drift has occurred in actual operations.

Ten thousand funds said that a company that can continue to make dividends said that it has good profitability. If the dividend rate is used to evaluate the dividend distribution of a company, when the company's dividend yield is higher, it means that the company's stock price is relatively low relative to the company's profitability, and the stock price has greater room for appreciation. From the perspective of investment income analysis, capital gains have large uncertainties and high risks, but the dividends allocated to investors are determined, ensuring the stability of investor returns.





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