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网上赌博哪个网站好:Investment experience: There is no setback in the eyes

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内容摘要: For most ordinary investors, the stock market fell one day, the market was very optimistic and held; the stock market fell one week, the de...

For most ordinary investors, the stock market fell one day, the market was very optimistic and held; the stock market fell one week, the decline was the opportunity, and the jiacang; the stock market fell for a month, was stuck, can not stand the flesh ...

The vast majority Investors are chasing and selling like this.

However, the more the market has been tempered, the colder the retail investors' enthusiasm is. The more the result, the more the story is about to be reversed.

Unbelieving, we took a look at the trend of the Shanghai Composite Index so far since 2001: the number of “counterattacks” that have occurred since the crash. 7 _ 89456 _ 7 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 8 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 9 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 10 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 11 _ 65473 _ 92001 to date the Shanghai Composite Index monthly chart (Deadline: May 29, 2018)

first smile curve

: 2001 June 27 (2237 points) - 2004 April 1 (1758 Point);

During the period the cumulative increase and decrease of the index: -21.29%;

7_89456_23_65_473_9 will be voted in total revenue: 11.52%.


If we decide to invest in the Shanghai Composite Index in the form of “Monthly Investment,” the Shanghai Composite Index fell 32.18% during the 29 months from June 27, 2001 to December 27, 2003, and the total yield of the investment will be fixed. This is -3.37%. If we insist on making a bid on April 1, 2004, then the total return of the fixed investment will be 11.52%. It can be said that a short period of three months will allow investors to return to their capital and earn returns.

second smile curve

: 2004 April 1st (1758 points) - October 16, 2007 (6124); Index Price

period: 249.79%;

fixed investment and total return: 279.41%.


During the 2007 bull market, the index gained momentum and the return on fixed investment was even stronger. We still use the monthly benchmark Shanghai Composite Index as an example. From April 1, 2004 to October 16, 2007, the total return rate for scheduled investment is 279.41%.

smile curve

third time: October 16, 2007 (6124) - August 4, 2009 (3478); during

Index Price: -43.21%;

fixed investment and total return: 23.42% .


After the big bull market in 2007, investors experienced the nightmare of a short bear. However, in the long-term bear market insisted on the investment, we still harvested a relatively good rate of return. From October 16th, 2007, the monthly fixed index was put on August 4th, 2009, and the total return rate was 23.42%.

fourth smile curve

Time: August 4, 2009 (3478) - June 12, 2015 (5178 points); Index Price

period: 48.88%;

fixed investment and total return: 105.87%.


In the meantime, we will stick to the scheduled investment. We have also harvested the roses of the time. During the bull market in 2015, the low-priced chips we accumulated during the previous market downturn began to show their power. From August 4, 2009, the monthly fixed investment Shanghai Index until June 12, 2015, the total return rate for fixed investment is 105.87%.

fifth smiling curve

Time: June 12, 2015 (5143 points) - January 29, 2018 (3523 points); during

Index Price: -31.21%;

fixed investment and total return: 8.98% .


The same month, the Shanghai Composite Index is scheduled to be put in place. In this period, the total fixed income will be 8.98%.

From the five “smile curves” we saw above, as long as we stick to the long-term fixed investment, the market is not terrible.

Historical data tells us that there is no stock market that just goes up. Investors can earn positive returns if they insist on long-term investment. However, the unpredictable market often leads investors to be scared and eventually pass the proceeds.

And fixed investment is a good way to help investors stick to long-term investment. The fixed investment will emphasize the smooth flow of water, and sharing the costs in the market downturn will only take profits at relatively high levels.

Of course, the fund is scheduled to invest also need to stand the test of market ups and downs. We need to have funds in our hands and we have no net worth in our hearts. Otherwise, if we look at the net value every day, our hearts will be plagued by market fluctuations. Because many people ended their investment due to fear when the market fell, and they stopped halfway.

Only in this way can we gain the smile curve brought by the market transformation.






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